Agency Relationships in Real Estate Transactions (MN AGCYDICS-1) - 08 14 (1).pdf

Upon meeting with a REALTOR, you will have a discussion about Agency.  It is the MN Law to discuss this with you, and show you your options.

MINNESOTA LAW REQUIRES that early in any relationship, real estate brokers or salespersons discuss with consumers what type of agency representation or relationship they desire.The available options are listed below. This is not a contract. This is an agency disclosure form only. If you desire representation you must enter into a written contract, according to state law a listing contract or a buyer/tenant representation contract). Until such time. as you choose to enter into a written contract for representation, you will be treated as a customer and will not receive any representation from the broker or salesperson. The broker or salesperson will be acting as a Facilitator  unless the broker or salesperson is representing another party, as described below.

 ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I/We acknowledge that I/we have been presented with the below-described options.

I/We understand that until I/we have signed a representation contract, I/we am/are not represented by the broker/salesperson.

I/We understand that written consent is required for a dual agency relationship.